Shocking Image Of US Police Officer Arresting Black Newborn In Maternity Hospital


IN yet another incident which is set to further stoke the fires of ever deteriorating race relations in America, a New Jersey police officer arrested a newborn black baby in the state’s Saint Peter’s University Hospital.

The Easton Avenue building was raided by riot police at 7am this morning in what is being described by civil rights groups as a disgusting case of racial profiling.

A total of 15 officers rushed through the maternity ward of the hospital after reports of a newborn black baby crying. Shortly after dispensing a year’s supply of tear gas, the officers arrested Jamal Washington, a 6-hour-old African American child.

Mr. Washington has been charged with breaching the peace, and subsequently resisting arrest after he refused to walk out of the hospital with the officers, forcing them to carry him out of the building in their arms.

“This is as clear a case of racial profiling of African Americans you will ever see, this is crazy,” explained NAACP spokesman Angela Beauchamp.

However, arresting officer Henry J. Higgins has denied the claims in a lengthy statement issued to the media.

“We had to taser the criminal as he continued to yell loudly in an intimidating crying fashion, and he was tasered again when his screaming assaulted the eardrums of a fellow officer. Make no mistake, this was one mean son of a bitch who is still refusing to answer questions back at the station,” officer Higgins confirmed.