Company Finally Admits That Your Call Isn’t All That Important To Them


A DUBLIN-based insurance company is today re-recording its voicemail message to clarify that your call isn’t that important to them, despite what you may have heard.

The pre-recorded message from Let’s Insure! previously assured customers ringing their complaints/support helpline that while the phonelines were currently experiencing heavy volumes of traffic, their call was important and would be answered shortly.

In a rare show of honesty from such a company, Let’s Insure! hired a voice actor to re-do the lines, which now reflect how the insurance brokerage consider people ringing up to be a total pain in the hole.

New customers and people renewing their policies will be transferred as usual to the polite voice which assures them that they have been placed in a queue and someone will answer their call as soon as possible, while any customer looking to file a claim or complaint will be directed to what is being referred to as “the honest line”.

“Yeah, basically a voice comes on and says ‘we’re not going to lie to you'” said Ian Morrison, CEO of Let’s Insure!

“It then goes on to say that we don’t really give a shit about your call, and that you’re probably going to be on hold for a half an hour listening to a polyphonic version of Beethoven’s 5th before you get talking to someone. Why lie?”

Morrison went on to state that “your call is being recorded for training purposes” will be replaced with the more honest “your call is being recorded in case you try to lie to us about anything”.