Genius Saves Car From Certain Destruction By Dodging Left Side Of Speed Bump


COMMUTERS returning home to the seaside town of Tramore were left in awe this evening after motorist Cathal Brennan dodged the left-hand-side of a well known speed bump, saving his vehicle from certain destruction.

Manoeuvring his black SUV with its steering wheel, Brennan reportedly broke the motorist mould by cleverly guiding the left wheels between the kerb and the speed bump, inadvertently changing the lives of all those who witnessed the event behind him.

“In all my years of motoring, I have never seen such brilliance and ingenuity,” recalled fellow motorist Daniel Rice, who was lucky enough to be travelling directly behind Brennan in his Nissan Micra. “This guy is obviously some kind of professional driver or something – a genius if you will.”

Speaking later to WWN, Mr. Brennan, who manages a mobile phone outlet in Waterford city, said he didn’t really think much of the incident at the time, but is glad to have inspired so many people with his ‘drive hack’.

“I don’t know how I thought of it, if I’m honest,” he said, oblivious to his own magnificence. “I’m kind of blown away by everyone’s response to it, and have even seen other motorists copying my technique.”

Coining the phrase ‘Doing A Brennan On It’, fellow Tramore motorists thanked the father of children in a brief ceremony outside his home, where town Mayor Ger Mackey presented the hero with a key to the town.