Irish Plumber Who Moved Career To UK Livid With Jack Grealish For Choosing England


AN Irish plumber who is currently plying his trade in the UK is said to be livid by news of Aston Villa player Jack Grealish and his decision to declare for England.

Taking to Twitter some seconds after hearing the news, 22-year-old Anthony O’Neill directly messaged Grealish’s official account to inform him of his ‘betrayal’, which O’Neill likened to the behaviour of the English establishment during the famine.

O’Neill, who had represented Ireland in plumbing at apprenticeship level, moved to the UK after his promising career got him well paid, steady work on building developments in London, has found it hard to fathom why Grealish would inflict such horrors on Ireland not seen since Oliver Cromwell holidayed in Louth.

“Fucking little prick, scumbag Brit,” O’Neill said of the man who he was all set to worship like a hero had the Birmingham born footballer, with proud Irish heritage, simply said ‘Ireland’ instead of ‘England’.

“It’s simple; you represent Ireland at something, you don’t just switch over to another country, it’s sly, unpatriotic, taking the Queen’s shilling,” O’Neill explained to those uneducated on the vast complexities of making decisions for yourself, in your own self interest.

Grealish’s upbringing and life is presumed by O’Neill to be shot entirely in black and white, and deserving of only the most basic appraisal of “fucking bastard” due to his decision not to pick the option favoured by O’Neill himself.

Meanwhile, Irish tabloids now face the painstaking task of looking through their archives and erasing all evidence of any warmth or positivity shown towards Grealish.