Kim Kardashian Pauses Trip Through LA To Bless Sick Child


THERE were emotional scenes in Los Angeles yesterday as cultural deity Kim Kardashian took time out of her day to issue a blessing to a sick young boy who she spotted on the side of the road.

Kardashian, the embodiment of everything humanity worships, spotted 8-year-old Paul Bennett from the window of her SUV as it rolled through Los Angeles early yesterday morning. It is believed that the venerated celebrity was on her way to get her nails done, as part of her current tour of her hometown.

Bennett, who suffers from a rare disease which causes him to cough, sneeze, and feel cold despite running a temperature, was standing at the side of the road waiting for a chance to cross with his Mum when the all-black SUV drove past.

Spotting the young man, Kardashian ordered her driver to pull over, and rushed over to Bennett to give him the highest blessing bestow-able on a non-celebrity: a selfie with a celebrity. The selfie was later posted on her Instagram account, where it was shared by the hundreds of thousands of followers in the church of Kardashian.

“She’s truly doing great work here,” said one onlooker, rendered temporarily blind by the shock of seeing Kim in all her real-life glory.

“We are blessed to have her walking among us, and we live in hope that someday we might enter into the paradise of a lifestyle like hers”.

As Kardashian drove off, young Bennett reported that he was feeling a bit better, causing many people to refer to the incident as “the miracle of Hollywood Boulevard”.