Son Evicted By Landlords After Turning 18


A WATERFORD pressure group which has campaigned for increased rights for tenants across the country has called the eviction of an 18-year-old teenager in the Dungarvan area ‘a disgrace’.

Unemployed teenager Gary Chambers awoke yesterday to the sounds of an eviction specialist firm lifting him from his bed and out of the property he shared with his landlords Jessica and Philip Chambers.

“Gary broke a number of terms outlined in the lease agreement which related to the upkeep of the house, and paying rent,” Jessica Chambers, also the teen’s mother told WWN.

For some eleven days after turning 18, Gary had expressed little desire to pay the rent he owed his landlords, and ignored a number of passive aggressive post-it notes dotted around the property which urged him to clean his dirty dishes.

“We’ve seen this time and time again, where landlords lose the run of themselves and suddenly change the terms of their agreement with their tenants,” Angela Hegarty of Tenants Rights Waterford explained, “poor Gary had a long standing tenancy agreement which was changed the day of his 18 birthday without prior notice”.

Gary, now living on the couch in his Grandmother’s house, has suggested more should be done on a national level to enhance the rights of the tenant.

“It’s mad boi, one minute my rent was free, then the bastards jacked it right up to ‘get a job’. How the fuck am I supposed to afford those prices,” a frustrated Gary observed.