Government Hire 10 JobBridge Interns To Help With Leaking Budget Details


IN jobs news, the Government has hired 10 new JobBridge interns as they simply cannot keep up with the level of leaks from this year’s budget.

The budget is set to leak earlier and offer more details than any previous iteration prior to its official unveiling on October the 13th, and in a proactive move the Government has created the opportunity for 10 young people to avail of some essential experience.

“The job is straightforward enough,” Minister for Finance Michael Noonan explained at the official launch of ‘2016 Budget Leak’, “as we scramble to cobble together the budget, we will need to leak that information to the media, before we unveil it, but the sheer scale of doing so has proved too much for us”.

JobBridge interns will be tasked with contacting various media publications and leaking what is classified information in an effort to control the narrative surrounding the budget’s dissemination to the general public.

“It’s been a slow start for the 10 of them as when they ring up, they’re actually chatting to the JobBridge interns at the news publications, so they waste a lot of time discussing the JobBridge scheme itself, instead of leaking the fact the universal social charge will be reduced for many along with over 450 other tidbits”, a source within the Government revealed to WWN.

Opposition parties are expected to point out once again that it is an embarrassing indictment of the Irish political system that the media will know the entire content of the budget long before it is presented to the opposition parties themselves.

“That’s typical of the opposition, though isn’t it, we’ve created 10 promising internships here, and it’s all doom and gloom from them again,” the Government source added.