Corrs Comeback To Be Monitored Closely By Lizard Overlords


THE sinister race of shape-shifting galactic reptile creatures that walk unseen among us while manipulating world leaders for their own nefarious purposes have announced that they’re going to be keeping an eye on Dundalk folk-rock quartet The Corrs, who recently reformed after ten years away from music.

A spokeslizard for the malevolent cabal of blood-drinking space monsters declared that the grand overlords will be closely monitoring the Corr siblings, best known for their hits ‘Runaway’ and ‘Forgiven Not Forgotten’, to make sure that lead guitarist Jim doesn’t attempt to wise people up to the fact that human beings are nothing but cattle for the Reptilian master race.

Jim, well known for his conspiracy theories as well as his kickass solo on ‘Only When I Sleep’ has spent years attempting to get earthlings to wake up to the hidden reality behind global politics and the supernatural activities of the world’s richest families.

Ahead of the release of the family foursome’s first new album in a decade, tensions are running high in the Reptilian camp over had secret coded messages may be contained in the Corr’s lyrics.

“That Jim, he’s a smart one,” said Skreptinox 5, during a press conference on the secret station hidden on the dark side of the moon.

“Be vigilant: he may attempt to send out signals to his fellow truthers via the medium of mellow rock. We cannot allow this to happen: we must strike at the slightest hint that he’s about to reveal our masterplans, in the most convoluted and roundabout way possible. Maybe we can sneak into his hotel room after a gig and fill his lungs with vomit, so people think he OD’ed, or something”.

Skreptinox went on to add that although he’s not a huge fan of Earth females, that drummer still has it.