Australia Takes One Step Closer To 20th Century


WITH the news that Australia has its fifth change of prime minister in 8 years, comes further evidence that it may be closer than ever to entering the rarefied air of the 20th century.

Like many leading Western nations in 2015, Australia has struggled to enter the 20th century, let alone the 21st century due to an inept and floundering political leadership which seems to regularly defy the will of its people.

However, all is set to change now that Tony Abott, the former prime minister who rejected climate change, same sex marriage and a variety of other terribly modern notions has been ousted by his own party and replaced by modern man Malcolm Turnbull.

Abbott had swept to victory as leader of the Liberal party two years ago, and initially received great acclaim from the public for having very attractive daughters, but his insistence that the great barrier reef needed to be destroyed and carbon tax was evil alongside a view that refugee rights were wrong saw his popularity wane.

New prime minister Turnbull has confirmed that there will be a public vote on same sex marriage after the next election, by which time Turnbull will have been ousted only to oust his ouster some months later.

Turnbull’s back stabbing move sees Australian politics witness its 66th leadership change in the last 13 years, with such uncertainty and aimlessness proving it is closer to joining the 20th century than ever before.

The Liberal party’s staunch support of women and women’s rights could see it help Australia enter the 21st 200 years from now, some 800 years before Ireland.