Government Praised After Securing Sunshine In Landmark Deal With Barbados


THE Fine Gael and Labour coalition government are breathing in the rarefied air that comes only with unanimous praise after striking a deal with the Caribbean island nation of Barbados following dramatic late night talks.

The deal struck will see Barbados export some of its excess sunshine to the perma-grey Emerald Ilse in exchange for any left over rain Ireland is on the receiving end of in the coming months.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny had sought to secure close to 32 degrees worth of blazing sunshine, but as the negotiations dragged on into the small hours he was forced into conceding to the fact that 24 degrees was the best he would do.

“I think it’s fair to say this rubbishes the notion that the Government doesn’t nothing for its people during the summer months,” the Taoiseach said outside the office of Met Éireann this morning where a large group of people awaited the official delivery of the sunshine.

It is thought the Government were moved to chase the deal after hearing the plight of 7-year-old Clare native Ciara Dolan, who rang in to Joe Duffy and gave a moving account of how she forgot what the sun looks like.

The intial announcement on the Fine Gael Twitter account received two retweets. Despite the striking of a successful deal some people remain critical of the exercise, stating it is an obvious election ploy.

“Nonsense, this is world class factor-30 weather we’ve secured, and look it, okay, so we threw some rancid Galway wind to the Bardadians as a sweetener, but we can enjoy the beach for a few hours and that’s something to celebrate,” the Taoiseach concluded as he donned his shades and had sun cream applied to his back by a JobBridge intern.

Due to the huge sums of money involved the Government has only managed to secure several hours of sunshine, and so they have urged people to make the most of it.