87% Of Americans Still Believe Bombing Of Hiroshima Was Pretty Awesome


AS Japan and the world mark the 70th anniversary of the devastation wrought by the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, it’s been reported that, all things considered, 87% of Americans think the bombing was pretty awesome.

Buoyed by a sense of detachment from the event itself and malignant jingoism, 87% of people polled in a survey revealed that it was sort of awesome.

It is unclear if those polled meant awesome in the literal, dictionary definition sense or the more informal ‘oh cool back flip, that was awesome dude’ way.

“It’s what they deserved at the time, it’s easy for us to criticise as we sit here in the lap of luxury, in a predominantly peaceful world,” proud American Garth Fuller told WWN, “but what they did to Pearl Harbour was unforgivable, she was just an innocent American citizen and they ambushed her out of nowhere”.

The remaining 13% of Americans polled refused to partake, with many questioning why someone would conduct such a poll in the first place.

“The bombing resulted in the death of 140,000 Japanese civilians, and was quite the nadir for the history and legacy of the human race but by God if it didn’t look impressive and showcase that ‘can do’ American spirit,” historian Michael Leonard explained to WWN.

President Obama used the occasion to admit that while it was kind of awesome, he would not accede to Donald Trump’s request that “we bomb the shit out of Iran to honour the anniversary properly”.