UCD Announce First Degree In Being ‘On Fleek’, Starting In 2016


IN a decision UCD says reflects the changing educational needs of third level students, much of the university’s Arts program will be dismantled next year being replaced with one catchall ‘On Fleek’ course.

On Fleek, the phrase given to describe an individual, a part of an individual or a particular aspect of something as being perfect, is also sometimes known as being ‘on point’.

The duration of the degree is 3 years.

“We’ve not just gone head first into this, we’re trying to reflect that while commerce, arts and science degrees can result in students gaining employment, many students lack being ‘on fleek’ in a variety of disciplines,” Professor Andrew J Deeks told WWN.

The new course, starting in September 2016, will see students learn to critically engage with notions of people’s eyebrows being on fleek, their dress sense being on fleek as well as their witty observances being so on point.

“If a student can maximise the number of things about themselves that are so on fleek we see little chance future employers will be able to turn them away,” Deeks added.

The On Fleek course will see students continually assessed throughout the 3 years with scrutiny applied to their ability to totally own absolutely every aspect of their lives.

“Things which have little substance, but maximum material worth will be rewarded with top marks,” revealed head of UCD’s new On Fleek department Victoria Andrews, “the eyebrows are only the beginning, this isn’t a walk in the park, although if someone was to do that in a fierce Beyonce-esque manner, they would be looking at getting an A”.

“I only wish they had this course in my day,” revealed UCD graduate Hannah Douglas, “I mean I’ve a first in chemical engineering, but my eyebrow game is all over the shop and I think that’s ultimately why I’ve been a hard sell to employers”.