Media Still Haven’t Found Missing Child They Like More Than Madeleine McCann


THE MEDIA have today admitted that, try as they might, they haven’t felt the same spark for a missing child since the high profile and as-yet-unsolved case of Madeleine McCann.

Despite the vast readership reach of the media, the editors of leading papers have said they remain reluctant to put as much resources behind missing children cases as they just haven’t fallen for any in the same way they did Madeleine McCann.

“Up in Manchester there were 3,242 missing children reports alone last year and you’d think somewhere in that pile one of them would catch your eye, have a spark or even rich parents, but they were all useless frankly,” an unnamed editor of a UK daily newspaper told WWN, “it’s a wonder why we bother with any of that stuff anymore. We just won’t top our favourite”.

Editors cited the fact that almost 93% of all missing children in the UK do not live in two-parent households as a boon to their judgmental opinions on non-traditional families but that it sadly also makes it harder to sell those cases to the public.

“Have you tried to get the public to care about working class children – it is a nightmare,” explained an anonymous newspaper reporter, “once you hear any details that might vaguely hint at a child not being at the very least middle class, you’ve got to forget about it”.

In Ireland the media face a similar inertia when it comes to giving round the clock media coverage for missing children.

“The latest Department of Justice figures show that there were 276 cases in 2012, but none stood out, like, can you even remember a single one of them,” explained a journalist and die-hard Madeleine McCann fan, “you hope that with those ‘what would he/she look like now’ photos they would get the ball rolling again but to be honest some of them age terribly”.