Overweight Cat Defies All Feline Beauty Standards


HAVING struggled with her weight since being spayed four years ago, Bella Murphy now proudly embraces her condition in full, recently starring in a dreamy photoshoot that is unlike any other.

“Before I was too ashamed to leave the house,” explained the curvy brave beauty. “My self-esteem was low and I was in a very bad place. Thankfully, that all changed after I was approached by a plus-sized cat modelling agency in Dublin. I haven’t looked back since.”

Bella rarely left the house, but was spotted coughing up some hair on the street outside by photographer Mark Delaney, one of Ireland’s premier cat plus-sized-model photographers.

“Big cats are in right now,” Delaney told WWN. “Bella has come from strength-to-strength since signing up with my agency, and you can even see the difference in her coat from this time last year. She’s so feisty and very hot. If I wasn’t a human I’d certainly tap that sweet pudgy ass.”

After signing a three year €40k deal in January with Delaney’s agency, Fatpuss, Bella has since starred in numerous cat food commercials across the world, including Japan, where she is now a bit of a celebrity.

“Last year I was just some fat house cat too down on my luck to even meow,” the inspirational feline added. “It’s amazing what a bit of self-confidence can do for a cat. I don’t even see myself as fat anymore. I’m quite proud of my body. And why shouldn’t I be?”

“If I had one bit of advice for anyone, it would be: ‘don’t conform to what is perceived to be as normal beauty standards’. You are beautiful, no matter what size you are.” she finished, before cleaning out her vagina with her tongue.