Having Someone To Scratch Your Back Declared No.1 Reason Couples Stay Together


A NEW survey conducted among 100 couples across Ireland has discovered that when it comes to a long-lasting relationship, most people value having somebody to scratch an itch they can’t reach over anything else.

The study revealed that most couples would have broken up years ago, but that they were inclined to put their differences aside in order to continue to have someone to scratch their back at any time day or night.

An on-demand backscratching service was also cited as one of the things single people envy most about people in relationships, with 9 out of 10 singletons stating that they’d take “a good ol’ backscratch” over sexual congress any day of the week.

“Being in a relationship is tough, and some people struggle to find reasons to stay with the same person for a prolonged period of time, ” said Caitlyn Ní Bheoláin, chief spokesperson for the Couples Institute of Ireland.

“But just when you get really annoyed with your partner and you’re about to tell them it’s all over, an itch between the shoulder blades will quickly remind you that there’s a lot to be said for having someone you can ask to stick their hand down your jumper and just really get in there with their nails”.

Of the people surveyed, 100% admitted that if their partner were to leave them, they’d probably resort to their itchy back woes by just grinding themselves on the edge of a door or something.