WWN Motoring: 5 Things You Notice While Driving A 152 Reg Car


AS June rolls into July, so do the first of the 152 registered cars begin to roll out of the showrooms and onto our roads and highways.

WWN Motoring was offered a chance to get behind the wheel of a 152 reg this morning, to see how it handles around the streets. Here’s five things we noticed…

1) Indicating at turns is no longer necessary

The first thing we noticed after an hour driving around town was how little we had actually used the indicators to signal our intention to turn. A quick check of the manual assured us that the car does in fact have indicators, but we never felt compelled to use them. It’s a 152; it goes where it wants to go, and other drivers should be prepared for that.

2) Two parking spaces are now required

When parking our 152 reg family-sized sedan, we found that parking it in a normal sized space just didn’t feel right. We made sure to park right in the middle of two spaces, thus ensuring that our paintwork didn’t get chipped or dented. So what if we were taking up two spaces outside a hospital? This is a 152 we’re driving here!

3) We always had the right of way

Roundabouts, T-junctions, one-way streets; the 152 goes where it wants, when it wants. We didn’t care that you had the technically-legal right of way; you’re driving a 08 reg, we’re driving a 152. We are better than you, and deserve to go before you. Wait your turn.

4) We couldn’t stop saying “Mind the fuckin car, hi”

“Hey pal, watch where you’re fuckin going…” we don’t rage at fellow road users often, but put us behind the wheel of a factory fresh 152 and we’ll let you know what we think of you. Cyclists, pedestrians, guards… we took them all to fuck-off school if they even breathed on our 152.

5) The 152 is precious

The 152 reg car is precious, yes it is. Very precious to us. We mustn’t let them take it from us, oh no 152, that wouldn’t do at all. Stay with us, here, 152. Stay, precious.