Waterford Couple ‘At One With Nature’ After 5 Minute Walk To Pub


MAKING the most of the beautiful weather ,Waterford couple Tiernan Lyons and Anna Fallon left their apartment earlier this afternoon to stretch their legs and take in all the natural beauty Waterford has to offer.

“God, you wouldn’t know yourself after getting that oxygen into your lungs,” Tiernan said out loud as the couple patiently waited for the green man at the side of a busy road.

“You wonder why we don’t do this more often, get the blood circulating and the heart pumping,” added Anna as the pair took a hard right at a Centra, which lead on to an unrivalled view of several popular pubs.

The couple delayed for a second to take a selfie together, making sure to avail of the generous natural light the sun was shining down on them. Uploading it to Facebook, Anna thought to add ‘at one with nature’ after noting a green hedge in the background of their photo.

The light breeze from a passing truck ran across the couple, infusing them with the elements of the natural world around them.

“Ah, it’s beautiful all the same isn’t it?” Tiernan pondered as the couple entered Mullens, their favourite watering hole.

Settling in the beer garden of Mullens, the couple explained to barman John Sheedy how they took the scenic route to take in the flower pots outside Mrs McNally’s house and the local green.

“A bit of nature, you can’t beat it, really,” Tiernan confirmed as he down to the first of what will be 9 pints.