These Women Spent 15 Minutes In The Bathroom Bitching About Their Friend… What Happened Next Will Amaze You


WHEN friends Ciara, Roisin and Ally gathered in the toilets of The Front Door pub in Galway on Saturday evening to bitch about Sinead as she remained in the bar, even the most discerning of amateur sleths couldn’t predict what would happen next.

It is not everyday that women convene in the bathroom to speak at length about how much they resent their absent friend, but what is even rarer still is what happened next.

In between reapplying make up, and confessing to being fed up with their respective eye brows, the three friends filled the bathroom with less than complimentary observations about Sinead as well as expressing their concern that Sinead’s new boyfriend Ciaran is way out of her league.

Shortly after Ciara could be heard criticising Sinead’s new haircut stating ‘that blunt fringe makes her look she’s slapped a moustache on her forehead’ something extraordinary occurred.

Roisin, Ally and Ciara returned to the bar and clearing their throats, screamed in Sinead’s general direction at the bar. “Shots, shots shots”, they screamed as they hugged Sinead, who they had moments earlier pointed out couldn’t carry off her tight fitting dress as she look like ‘a sack of spuds’.

Despite ample evidence they intensely disliked Sinead, her decision to spend her money on shots of sambuca for everyone seemed to reignite a long shared bond of friendship in the women.

It’s heartwarming moments like this that totally make us value all the friendships and free alcohol we have.