Irish People ‘Furious’ After Greeks Get New Bank Holiday


THE Irish public were this morning united in fury after Greek ministers declared today to be a bank holiday, in a bid to quell civil unrest at the banks in Greece.

Alexis Tsipras, the Greek Prime Minister, made the declaration following crunch talks with the ECB, in which the offer of bailout funding to the Greek economy was withdrawn amid rumours of a possible default and exit from the Euro.

Placing limits on withdrawals from ATMs to only €60, Greek depositors were today unsure as to the future of their involvement in the European Union, with many fearing substantial losses to their savings.

Meanwhile, Irish minister for finance Michael Noonan has come under heavy fire from several members of the public, who claim he “never even tried” to get us an extra bank holiday during his meetings with the heads of the ECB.

“Look at the Greeks, with their three day weekend,” said Pascal O’Mahon, furious at the fact that he had to get up and go to work this morning.

“Our lot don’t even try to help out the public, they’re just trying to stay in right with the fuckers in Germany, so that our banks can stay open and our money is secure. But the lads in Greece, they can go to the ECB with a half of a plan and fuck all else, and all of a sudden they’re having a long weekend? It’s well for some, so it is”.

As the newly enforced bank holiday continues in Greece, the streets of Athens are beginning to fill with crowds throwing stones and screaming abuse at police, much like a bank holiday in Ireland.