Thousands Of Irish People Killed With The Heat


A NATIONAL day of mourning has been announced by the government following the highest number of people killed with the heat in recent memory.

The heat-related death toll has reached 4,000 since the beginning of the summer, with the middle-aged and elderly being the worst hit.

No county in Ireland has escaped the crisis, with even holidaying couples sending poignant messages home from abroad that they too were killed with the heat.

“It’s nice here, but I’m pure killed with the heat,” wrote Jennifer Keenan, in a Facebook message to her sister earlier today. The 31-year-old, currently on holidays in Lanzarote, hasn’t been heard from since.

“Our sincerest condolences go out to the families of those that have been killed with the heat,” said Jack Meighan, spokesperson for Met Éireann’s Crisis Containment Division.

“We would urge anyone who fears they’re about to be killed with the heat to stay as cool as possible, maybe put the window of the car down a bit, or sit in the shade until the threat passes. If someone beside you says they’re killed with the heat, make every effort to cool them as fast as possible. Push them into the nearest body of water you can find”.

There are fears that this years tally of people killed with the heat will become the countries highest weather-related death toll since the gory aftermath of January of 2013, where 10,000 people were skinned with the cold.