Nation’s Rapists Celebrate Government Funding Cut For Rape Crisis Network


THE Government is scrambling to retain credibility after Tusla slashed vital funding to the Rape Crisis Network Ireland (RCNI), much to the delight of the heinous perpetrators of rapes.

“We caught a bit of a break today as the media were distracted by the UN giving out about how slow, we the Irish Government, have been in resolving and protecting basic human rights issues,” a Government spokesman said.

“Look it, for anyone worried about this sort of thing. Don’t, these sorts of cuts mean we can put a few bob back in your pocket in the next budget, and you can’t say fairer than that,” the spokesman confirmed.

Future and current rapists have thanked the Government for effectively pulling the plug on a crucial support service for rape and sexual assault victims, stating it is delighted to see the Government follow up the judiciary’s insultingly lenient sentences for convicted rapists with this new move.

Tusla, the Child and Family agency, has defended its position by pointing out it’s also the state body which recently proposed victims of child abuse face and be confronted by their alleged abusers.

“Ah, come-on now, not to worry, we’ll sort all that stuff out, be grand, how hard can it be really,” a Tusla spokeswoman reassured everyone.

The RCNI had in the past produced in depth research-based reports on sexual attacks and crimes that often go unreported due to a mistrust of Gardaí and state services, but with the funding withdrawn, the Government will no longer have to endure the annual press release of these figures.

“Oh God, yeah, ha, honestly, we hadn’t thought about that, thank Christ for that. Its absence will help us to avoid confronting this issue, won’t it?” the Government spokesperson concluded.

It is believed the news that the Government does not itself fund and run a dedicated support and counselling service for rape victims will come as a huge shock to many people, but not as shocking as the reality of the 18,000 people who made contact with the RCNI last year having potentially nowhere to turn following the cuts.

If you would like more information on how to fund the RCNI since the Government obviously couldn’t give a shit, click HERE.