Irish Man Wins Gold Medal At This Year’s Banter Olympics


WEBSITES up and down the country are celebrating Ireland’s first gold medal at the inaugural Banter Olympics, held in London.

Marc Colgan, 21, impressed judges with his wanton, devil may care attitude which Irish journalists in attendance confirmed ‘you just wouldn’t see anywhere else but Ireland’.

Qualifying through the regional heats earlier this year, he went on to be selected as Mr.’s Banter Mad Banter Merchant putting him forward as Leinster’s representative at national level.

Following three days of gruelling competition, involving intense banter left Colgan the clear winner and recipient of a place at this year’s Olympics and a crate of Coors Light.

Judges at today’s Banter Olympics praised Colgan for his inventive use of Snapchat which manifested itself in him inserting himself in the frame of every picture he took, posing with a magnificent variety of quizzical looks.

Taking to the stage to receive his medal Colgan jocked the head of the IOC and then offering further proof he is mad craic jocked himself, revealing a ‘Is Maith Liom Fanny’ tattoo which had taken up residence just above his penis.

Colgan is now the world’s number one ranked banter merchant in the 20-25 year old category but insisted he wouldn’t rest on his laurels.

“To be fair, this is just the first step. I mean, I’ll get home and recuperate, but I’ll have to start filming myself telling my Mam that my Dad is dead and getting the right angles for her reactions when I tell her it was only a joke 12 days later,” the irrepressible Colgan confirmed to WWN before pretending to fellate the microphone.

The gold medalist will next be seen on,,,,, and several hundred other sites lip syncing to an As Gaeilge version of ‘Shake It Off’ while wearing a dress.