Freeclimbers Scale To Top Of Waterford Speed Bump Without Any Safety Equipment


TWO fearless free-climbers have today conquered the summit of a Waterford city speed-bump without out the aid of any equipment.

Daredevils Thomas and Marie Cahill began the perilous climb at 5am this morning to avoid traffic in Lismore Lawns, a well-known and mature housing estate on the outskirts of the city.

“We’ve always wanted to scale this particular speed bump,” explained stunt co-ordinator Thomas Cahill, who met his wife in a circus 15 years ago. “Myself and Marie have spent weeks training for this and we are just delighted to be safe and sound following a dramatic climb.”

Without the aid of safety ropes or harness, the pair managed to reach the speed-bump summit at 7am, some two hours after setting off from its base.  It has taken a team of more than 27 safety and security professionals and over three months of meticulous planning before the climb was allowed to go ahead.

“Luckily it was a beautiful morning; if it rained at all we would have had to call the whole thing off,” said a delighted Marie. “I just can’t wait to go home and tell the kids. We haven’t seen them since we started training.”

Emotional and exhausted, emergency crews were on hand to treat the couple after they descended from the peak.

“The only advice I would give people is not to try this at home,” concluded Mr. Cahill.