Nation Feeling Tricked As Gay Men Start Marrying Their Dads By The Thousand


THE Irish citizens who voted ‘yes’ in the recent Marriage Equality referendum are today feeling pretty stupid as recent events such as gay people marrying their family members for tax purposes have proved that the no side were right all along.

The vote to allow same-sex marriage in Ireland took place the 22th of May and passed with a 62% majority, and that 62% of the electorate are now feeling the bitter sting of ‘I told you so’ from those who voted against the amendment.

Since the passing of the bill, thousands of gay men have held marriage ceremonies uniting them in matrimony with their fathers, brothers or uncles, just as predicted by campaigners for the no side.

With nothing to stop the LGBT community from marrying whomever they want, 100% of gay people have rushed to sneakily take advantage of the tax credits and benefits allowed to married couples.

“I just feel so cheated,” said Maura McMahon, who voted Yes for equality after failing to heed the warnings made by campaigners on the no side.

“I thought the church and the Iona lads and that Dublin footballer were all talking shite, but here we are at the end of days; surrogacy rates have skyrocketed, designer babies are being made-to-order, straight lads are marrying themselves for the craic… we were wrong, we were so, so wrong”.

WWN were unable to obtain a comment from the LGBT society of Ireland, who claimed to be “too busy pulling apart the fabric of society” at the time.