WWN Event Guide



Third annual Witch Doctors convention is taking place in the National Convention Centre this weekend. If you have a passion for bestowing century long curses on families or just curing cancer with some Rhino semen, get yourself to Dublin for two days of expert advice and chat. Tickets are a reasonable €99.


Parenting Juggling championships take place in Waterford this weekend with a prize for the mother or father who carts their children around to the most activities in one weekend. Points for music lessons, sport match and training, art activities as well as outdoor ‘adventures’. The winner will receive a medal and a pat on the back. Judging commences from 6am on Saturday morning.


Making the most of the weekend. Despite the impending rain this weekend, Galway county council are encouraging everyone to go out and make the most of it by laying on a number of activities including puddle jumping, smelliest rain-soaked clothes comptetition, and waiting at a bus stop in the rain the longest before giving up.


Owl Jousting is back again this Sunday. Bets are being taken on Colonel Scowl and Fearless Feathers as they face off in the battle to the death on top on dogs, while armed with lances. €10 for tickets but book now as they are selling out fast.


Paddy Browne’s Pub remains the country’s number one entertainment venue this week as Stevie Wonder plays what he thinks is the 3 Arena. But Paddy Browne won’t tell him if you won’t. €10 at the door or €8 if you book online.