“Please Loot And Destroy Everything” Freddie Gray’s Final Words Revealed


WITNESSES at the scene of Freddie Gray’s arrest have today claimed they could have sworn Gray said “loot and destroy everything”, before being ushered into a police van by members of the Baltimore PD.

Gray, who was arrested on April 12 after making eye contact with officers and then running away, was held down, handcuffed and loaded into the vehicle without a seat belt. Police confirmed he later complained of spinal injuries, but have not said how his back was damaged, claiming he was already broken when they got there.

The African American apparently asked for medical attention several times before being put into the van, but paramedics were not called until after a 30-minute ride.

He later died on April 19.

“I know this may look like I’m taking advantage of situation and choosing to rob from a number of stores, but I could almost swear I hear Freddie said to do this in his honour,” said a balaclava clad man who had never met Mr. Gray.

“Freddy knew he wasn’t gonna make it back alive, so he told us all to start looting and looting and shit,” an eyewitness holding a 50″ TV told WWN’s US correspondent yesterday.

“This is what Freddie would have wanted,” stated another youth, who was hurling bricks at a local shop window in stark contrast to the many people who turned out to peacefully protest Gray’s death in police custody. “We’ve got to respect his last wishes and burn this city to the ground.”

Meanwhile, fans of the hit television series The Wire have taken to social media sites to contribute their expert and nuanced opinion on the riots.

“Man, if Omar Little was alive there would be none of this carry on,” said Twitter user @McNulty4Life.

“Shiiiiiiiiiiiiet,” said another commentator, obviously too hilarious to add anything more.

Fox News has since played down the unrest, simply telling viewers several precision missiles to specific locations in Baltimore and Ferguson in Missouri would be ‘the right thing to do’.