Child Labour Inquiry As Indian Boy (12) Admits Ghostwriting Tweets For Donald Trump


THE United States Department of Labor is to launch a full investigation into Donald Trump’s Twitter account today after it was revealed a 12-year-old Indian boy ghostwrote for the American business magnate for just 12 cents an hour.

Mohammed Petal, who studies English in school, admitted to working for the Trump foundation since 2010, aged only seven.

“My father applied for an online job advertisement for a ghost writer,” recalled Mohammed, speaking from his modest home in Bali. “I used to read a lot of books on American business and infrastructure so at the start I used to give him a hand. Then one day my father died after falling off the train on the way to visit my mother in hospital.

“Since then I decided to continue his work on the Donald Trump twitter account”.

The honours A student told WWN that he kept writing tweets for Mr. Trump for ten months before a member of the organisation, Trump’s spokesman Michael Cohen, contacted his father’s email address with new twitter guidelines.

“Mr. Trump was hoping to run for president at the time, so they had bullet points laid out for me to attack Barack Obama’s policies,” he added. “I felt it was a good time to tell them my father had died a year ago and that I was actually the one writing for them. Michael was angry at first, but then renegotiated payments with me from twenty cents an hour, to twelve. I didn’t mind as I enjoyed the work”.

For the past five years, Mohammed created some of the most entertaining and controversial tweets in the history of the social media site.

“I suppose it’s like what a method actor does – I pretend I’m a senile old white man with clarity issues and it all just flows out through me,” Mohammed said proudly. “My favourite tweet has to be my Little Wayne quote I did: ‘These hoes think they classy, well that’s the class I’m skippen’.

“I wrote that while I was in school, but Mr. Trump later deleted it”.

In January of this year, Mohammed received the final correspondence from Mr. Trump’s organisation, stating they would not be renewing their contract with him due to “internal issues” within their press office.

“They sent me a cheque for twelve dollars and requested I stay quiet about the whole thing,” said the 12-and-a-half-year-old. “I sent it back in disgust and now here I am talking to you”.

The Department of Labor is currently gathering evidence in the case as a file is being prepared for the US courts.

Donald Trump refuses to comment.