Migrants Urged To Hide In Shipping Containers Like Everyone Else


THE International Organisation for Migration (IOM) has today urged would-be migrants to hide in shipping containers like everyone else, after 700 people drowned trying to cross the Mediterranean from Africa in the last two days.

With an increasing number of refugees fleeing the Middle-east and northern Africa, methods of transportation have become desperate, with many opting to risk their lives on sailing vessels too old and spent to carry the large quantity of human cargo.

“They should seriously consider giving that little bit more to their traffickers and avoid boarding these makeshift rafts,” a spokesperson for the IOM stated today. “Shipping containers are not ideal, but at least you’ll have the peace of mind that you are not going to sink and drown. It’s worth the extra few bob”.

Meanwhile the EU is struggling to come up with a humane solution to the exodus as many members of the public query the motives of people fleeing areas ravaged by violence.

“We can’t just leave them in sure, that’s against our law or something,” German interior minister Thomas de Maizière addressed an emergency meeting held in Brussels this morning on the crisis.

“If they can figure out another way to sneak in, that would be great,” he added. “Preferably one that doesn’t involve them drowning so publicly on our doorstep”.

According to the International Organisation for Migration, more than 15,000 people have reached Italy since the start of 2015. However, it is unknown what percentage of that figure has died trying.