13 Irish Phrases You Won’t Hear Anywhere Else


irish phrases

IRELAND! IRISH! PHRASES! GAS OUT! Let’s take a trip through the valley of the Irish phrases and see what lol-tastic delights we can find that will make us say ‘yes, that is in fact a phrase I would solely associate with Ireland rather than another geographic location.

1) ‘Mustard-elbowed loving ankle shite’ – first uttered by Michael Collins after a particularly robust argument with Eamon de Valera.

2) ‘Begorrah’ – granted special protection as a UNESCO special phrase, Irish people can’t help but draw on this classic phrase when at a loss for words.

3) ‘She’s a real canary’s wank puppet’ – you know the type that wouldn’t piss on you if you were in a tight spot with badger’s rectum.

4) ‘In a tight spot with a badger’s rectum’ – when you’ve had one too many to drink the night before and you just can’t face work. Maybe the quintessential Irish phrase.

5) ‘I wouldn’t lend him my mickey for a go of the Virgin Mary’ – your way of saying ‘hello I’m Irish and here’s a phrase I use to describe how I don’t trust this man’. You put the ban in bantz.

6) ‘Your more negative than my equity’ – home owners know this one well, got a friend who is a moany bollocks, chances are you’ve used this phrase while watching Glenroe and eating Tayto.

7) ‘Stop!’ – the opposite of go.

8) ‘In for a penny out for a quick go of your auld one’s scooter helmet’ – we’ve no idea what this one means either. CLASSIC!

9) ‘Will you shift my terminally ill mate? No please, you will? He might die soon and he’s never felt the sweet caress of a noble woman’s touch. No tongues and we have a deal?’ – we’ve all been there LOL.

11) – 13) ‘Craic! Craic! Craic! Craic! Craic!’ – Ha ha, ah the craic!