“It’s Such A Nice Day, Let’s Have The Dáil Outside!” Suggests Taoiseach


MEMBERS of the Dail had a nice surprise this morning as An Taoiseach Enda Kenny opened proceedings by stating that it was such a lovely day that they were going to conduct parliament outside in the sunshine.

TD’s from both sides of the house lent a hand in carrying benches out into the forecourt of Leinster House, where they basked in the warmth of the heat wave currently being enjoyed across the country.

As the elected representatives of Dail Eireann set about the day’s debates and petty squabbles, many TD’s found themselves distracted by the novelty of being outdoors. At one point Mary Lou McDonald forgot what she was talking about due to the smell of freshly cut grass, and Alan Kelly loses his train of thought during a grilling about Irish Water as he was trying to get a butterfly to land on his hand.

“It was a great treat to get out in the fresh air for a change,” said Minister for Health Leo Varadkar, drinking a Capri Sun.

“An Taoiseach realised that we probably wouldn’t get anything done today because of the glorious weather, so he took matters into his own hands and just landed us all outside.

“We’ve been getting loads done all morning. Although to be honest, some of us are just waiting for the ice-cream van to come around again”.

As the day continues, many TD’s have admitted it’s almost as good as the day Enda Kenny wheeled in a television on a little trolley to Dail chambers, and they all put their copybooks away and watched Flight of the Navigator.