Customers Agree To Boycott Dunnes Until They Need To Get A Few Messages


IN a heartwarming show of solidarity with Dunnes Stores employees currently protesting against unfair working conditions, consumers across the country have agreed to boycott the shopping chain until such a time as they need a few bits and pieces.

Thousands of staff at Dunnes Stores staged a one-day strike last week in a dispute over low-hour contracts, job and income security and the right to trade union representation.

Among other things, staff are looking for an end to 15 hour contracts, which leaves them with no job security from week to week. In a further escalation, reports are coming in that the retailers have begun laying off workers who participated in the one-day strike, or cutting their hours as a punitive measure.

The move has led to an outcry on social media from Dunnes customers, who have vowed to never buy anything in their stores, at least until everywhere is shut and they need a pint of milk or whatever.

“I’m never going to Dunnes again, until I run out of something and I can’t be bothered driving into town, ” said Gearoid Martin, a vocal online supporter of the strikers.

“There’s a Dunnes right beside my house, but unless I really need a few messages or a pack of smokes, I’m never going into it again. I’ll only go into it for the beer, which is dirt cheap, or to have a mooch around in the reduced section in the evening. The workers need the public to show the bosses at Dunnes that they can’t get away with treating their staff unfairly, and we can do that by only going into Dunnes when it’s a real pain in the hole to go anywhere else”.

As workers continue to strive for a fair working environment, online supporters have rallied around them with the hashtag #BOYCOTTDUNNESUNTILYOUNEEDAFEWBITSANDPIECES, which is expected to trend for at least a few hours today.