Neighbour Can’t Believe The Weather We’re Having


THE neighbour down the road is finding it difficult to believe the weather we’re having today, it has been revealed.

Margaret Holden, who’s married to John, said it was like Summer out there now and that she was sorry she put on her coat before leaving the house.

“I’m bet with the heat,” she said, passing several people outside a shop. “I can’t believe the weather we’re having”.

Following Mrs. Holden’s comments, concerned family members admitted the 64-year-old to hospital where she was diagnosed with an acute psychosis, before being transferred to Saint Oteran’s mental health facility in Waterford.

“She just couldn’t believe the weather so we figured she may be having problems with reality in general,” son Mark told WWN. “Last week she couldn’t believe what time it was when I told her, and my sister Kate said mam could have sworn Friday was Saturday”.

The grandmother of ten is being scheduled for a full frontal lobotomy later this afternoon and is expected to remain in care for the rest of her days.

“I think we did the right thing here,” added her son. “She wouldn’t want to put the family out.”