Dad Not Mad, Just Disappointed



IN a case of a daughter’s worst fears becoming a reality, 16-year-old Aine Duffy has been told her father David does not inhabit the environs of deep seethed rage but instead a solemn state of perpetual disappointment.

Aine learned of her father’s disappointment, which is scientifically proven to more emotionally potent then plain old anger, at 1.37am last night when she stumbled from her first ever night of drinking alcohol with friends.

Seemingly unaware of her mother and father’s presence, Aine was in the throes of carefree vomiting in the bathroom toilet for several minutes before hearing her father’s quiet words.

“Come on, get yourself to bed now. I hadn’t realised you were so irresponsible Aine,” David said as Aine stumbled to her feet.

“Are you mad?” Aine finally said after several aborted attempts at forming a sentence.

“No, I’m actually not mad. Frankly Aine, I’m disappointed,” David said sending Aine into a flood of irrepressible tears.

Aine had prepared completely for her father’s loud shouting and claims relating to how Aine would never ever be allowed out again, but she had not emotionally prepared herself for a father’s disappointment.

David had only reached the decision to portray his quiet, resigned disappointment after several outbursts earlier in the evening when he had waited for Aine to come home at the agreed time of 9pm.

“That stupid little cow, that was the good wine,” David said after discovering Aine had stolen some alcohol from the drink’s cabinet. David then confirmed to his wife Sinead that he was going to drive out and find the “little ungrateful bitch”.

However, David was reminded by his wife of the insurmountable crushing guilt that the words ‘I’m disappointed’ can provide a child and reconciled that this was the best course of action.

Such is the overwhelming guilt currently felt by Aine, she probably won’t head out to the all night rave in that industrial estate in Naas tomorrow, instead putting it off until next week.