Michael Noonan Denies Any Knowledge Of Russian Lamb


MINISTER for finance Michael Noonan has issued a statement denying any involvement with Russian agriculture following the emergence online of a disturbing video featuring a lamb which bears an uncanny resemblance to the Limerick TD.

The video, shot in the Dagestan region of Russia, depicts a farmer showing off a newborn lamb with what appears to be a human face, and went viral over the last 24 hours after it was posted on Live Leak.

All eyes immediately turned to Minister Noonan, who quickly assembled a press conference so he could emphatically state that he hasn’t been to Russia in years.

“Minister Noonan would like to state that any resemblance between himself and this lamb is purely coincidental”, a Fine Gael spokesperson stated. “The minister will answer no further questions on the matter, and hopes that everyone will respect his privacy at this time”.

Following the press conference, requests by the assembled media for details of the Minister’s travel schedule over the last twelve months were turned down.