WWN Event Guide



The fierce and tempestuous world of Cabbage Boiling returns to Dublin as the Red Bull Cabbage Boiling Series rolls into Dun Laoghaire yet again. Do you know someone who can boil cabbage in a timely fashion but also under Xtreme circumstances e.g while on a jet ski? Well then, get them down to Dun Laoghaire this weekend. Free entry and a top prize of €1,000 awaits the winner.


How Odd Is Your Fruit? Is back again with the public encouraged to bring along fruit that is all shaped weird and that. Got an apple the shape of a dog performing CPR on a bus? You need to get down to Wicklow. Note no vegetables will be accepted, it should be fairly obvious, but to avoid the violence of last year’s event it bears repeating. Free entry and takes place across the weekend.


Pubs and clubs around the country are celebrating the fact Paddy’s Day is just under a month away, and is there a better way to celebrate arbitrarily making such a time frame a reason to sell alcohol at ridiculously cheap prices? Of course not!


A small band of men are joining together in an effort to help each other make it up to their other halves who had a miserable Valentine’s Day. Workshops are being run that include ‘making up a valid excuse’ or for those with bigger budgets there is the ‘obscenely expensive apology present’ stand. Entry is €40 but well worth it. Down the quays from 7pm this Friday.


Midterm carries on this week and into the weekend, seeing the largest participation of annoying little shits in outdoor activities in Ireland since last midterm. Activities include hanging around the shop, high pitched screaming, getting your just right, spitting on the ground just before and after you walk by and the ever popular fingering a young one around the back of Lidl. These priceless activities are free, but it is an under-18s event only.