Trócaire Boxes Perfect Place To Keep Change For The Bus


UP and down the country truly awful people welcomed the return of Trócaire boxes to Irish households as they never seem to have enough change for the bus in the mornings.

Often, horrible soulless bastards are left embarrassed when boarding the bus into work only to find they haven’t enough change in their pockets, but now with charity Trócaire distributing handy boxes in which change mysteriously accumulates in, households have gained some much needed coinage.

“Ah Séan, the youngest, brought home one there the other day and my eyes lit up,” explained mother-of-three Deirdre Gannon, “I just grab whatever is in there in the mornings and that’s usually enough to get me into town. You’d be lost without it in fairness”.


Other people, who have a void where their heart should be, use the Trócaire box for things other than the bus fare.

“The odd time you’re short on a tip for the pizza delivery lad,” explained student Ciaran O’Hanlon, “then out of the corner of my eye I’d spot the Trócaire box, just a little tip like, but they deserve it for coming out in the rain and that, the wages can’t be much” confirmed O’Hanlon.

It is believed as many as 34% of Trócaire boxes in Irish households have already had the coin hole gouged into a larger hole to allow for hands and fingers to gain easier access to the change.

“It is a shite bit of design in fairness,” explained avid change collector Gerrard Twyford, “I just rip the top of it off. It’s great when you’re short a few bob for the milkman”.

If you would like to redeem your free bus change please click here