Group Of Friends To Spend Next 20 Minutes Trying To Correctly Divide Up Restaurant Bill


A GROUP of friends from Waterford will spend the next 20 minutes trying to divide up their bill evenly, despite it being a seemingly easy task at first glance.

With the bill coming to a total of €133.60, it initially seemed like friends Diarmuid, Annie, Rebecca, John and Ciara could easily find out what they owed by glancing at the itemised bill.

However, after an initial round of calculations were done, it appeared the friends were nearly €20 short and that wasn’t evening including the tip.

“Jesus, gimme the bill, there will ya?” Ciara said, taking command of slowly unraveling situation. “God, we all did honours maths, how hard could this be?” Ciara added as she refused on a point of principle to produce the calculator app on her phone.

While the friends were reluctant to pinpoint the source of the miss calculation, they all began calling out the amounts they put in.

“Well 10.50 for the mains, then the coffee was eh, 2, and the rest is for the wine sure. Plus, I threw in the tip too,” John said full of confidence.

Ciara then demanded silence as she began firing off numbers and figures as she attempted to add up to the right amount, but was interrupted by a server who dared ask “everything alright here for you, folks?”

Another 3 minutes would pass before Ciara finally gave up, slamming her fists against the table shouting “Jesus-fucking-Christ, €133.60 between the five of us. We all know what we owe. How the fuck did this happen?”

It was at this point self-confessed calm and patient observer Rebecca suggested everyone take out their money, and then handing it back over one-by-one to avoid confusion.

“Ah, hang on now, someone’s after taking the €20 I put it, this isn’t on lads,” Diarmuid pleaded as he thumbed at the several euro left on the table now everyone else had taken their money back.

“This is fucking typical of you Diarmuid, I owed a small fucking fortune with the amount of times I’m throwing in extra money for you, you cheap bastard. I’m fucking sick of it, sick of it,” Ciara shouted as the restaurant turned deathly silent.

“Sorry, I believed one of you dropped this?” the server said as he spotted the loose €20 note on the ground next to the table.