Family Unsure What The Fuck Dad Does Be Doing All Day In The Garden


A COUNTY Offaly family admitted today that they have no idea what the fuck their dad does be at in the garden all day, despite him spending most of his free time there for the past 20 years.

Siblings Trevor and Phillis Moore told WWN that they never actually queried their father’s outdoor activities, as they were usually both busy doing their own thing inside.

“You know what? I never questioned it until now.” claimed 23-year-old son Trevor, who is currently studying business management in DCU. “I never really see him doing anything out there now that I think about it.”

Also speaking from her parents detached bungalow outside of the town of Burr, full-time daughter Phillis Moore also admitted to not knowing what the fuck he does be doing out there.

“I suppose he’s digging something, or mending things – doing dad stuff!” she posed, with a confused look on her face. “I mean, the garden is pretty tidy and that, so I’m assuming he made it that way. But I can’t be sure.”

Now curious, both brother and sister asked their mother, Geraldine Moore, what the fuck their dad does be doing out there.

“I haven’t a clue.” she responded, now also becoming curious as to what the fuck he is doing out there all the time. “Just as long as he doesn’t drag in all that shit onto my nice clean floor.”

Looking out the back window, all three family members began observing the 54-year-old, who appeared to be pushing a wheelbarrow full of dirt and twigs somewhere out of sight behind the shed

“Who knows what the fuck he’s at out there.” added Mrs. Moore. “Who knows.”