Local Man With Birthday To Remind Everyone Again With Thanks For Birthday Wishes Post


UNHAPPY with the rather slack amount of birthday wishes on his Facebook feed today, Darren Mockler reminded those who failed to do so by thanking those who did, via a rather cunning status update.

‘I’d like to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday today. It means a lot to me,’ he carefully wrote, knowing it would attract even more well wishers.

Mockler, a regular commentator on just about every Facebook page he likes, reflected on his time as a then 54-year-old male living in Ireland, claiming it has been a difficult time for him and his partner.

‘As you all know, it has been a tough time for myself and Jenny as we lost our long-time companion and pet dog Oscar,’ he added, much to the annoyance of just about everybody bothering to click on the ‘See More’ option in the post.

‘Hopefully my 55th year on the planet will be a whole lot better, so thanks again to those who actually bothered today’.

Subconsciously unaware of his blatant cry for attention, several more friends were reeled in by the county Waterford man’s line to wish him all the best on his day of birth.

‘Happy Birthday Darren. Keep the head up lad,” replied some guy called Jerry he met in a bar in Thailand once.

‘Sorry D. I wasn’t on this thing all day. Happy B-day big man,’ keyboarded old school friend Johnathan Power, who once ate a beetle in first year as a dare.

‘You fishing for more happy birthdays mate?” asked that prick James in the billing department from work.

Following several more well wishes, Mockler went one step further by continuing to comment on the thread, knowing its 34 likes and 25 comments will appear on various other friends Facebook feeds, due to the very complex algorithm the social network uses to prioritize posts with high interactions.

‘Thanks everyone again’ he continued, before culling his friends list.

‘If you’re seeing this, then you haven’t been unfriended :-)’ he concluded.