Fight Between Keyboard Warriors Abandoned After Double No-Show


THE much anticipated clash between two internet tough-guys ended in disappointment for the thousands who had gathered to watch, as both participants failed to show up for what had been billed as the fight of the year.

The fight, which had been due to take place on O’Connell Street yesterday at 5PM, was ruled a double No-Show, after neither Anthony McNamee (AKA renowned YouTube commentator  Makkerzzzzz) nor Phillip White (AKA PWHITE69LEDGE) made it to the venue at the designated time, despite their online persistence that they would be there without fail.

Online strife had been building between McNamee and White since a confrontation on popular video hosting website YouTube earlier in the week, where the two teenagers engaged in a bout of aggressive keyboard posturing in the comments section of a Coldplay video.

Offering differing opinions, the two began to spar using barbed insults and terrible grammar before Makkerzzzzz  suggested that if PWHITE69LEDGE wanted to sort out their differences, they should meet and have a proper fight, stating that he would be ready to “fuck you the fuck up, anywhere, anytime”.

A time and date was set for the bout, which both textual pugilists failed to attend, much to the disappointment of those in attendance.

“This was to be the YouTube fight of the decade, ” said Pascal Moore, an avid YouTube fan who showed up to see the pair scrap.

“White had said he would fight McNamee on O’Connell Street at 5, so quite a number of us showed up to witness it. They hadn’t said anywhere specifically on the street, so we kept wandering up and down the street to see if we had missed it, but in the end we declared it a double No-Show and headed home”.

Although the two would-be participants were unavailable for comment, both have more real-life fights scheduled against other YouTube commentators in the coming fortnight.