Government Content With Messing Magdalene Survivors Around For A Little Bit More


THE Government has confirmed its intention to continue messing around the survivors of the Magdalene laundries following the news that parts of the deal struck with the survivors has been ‘pared back’.

Continuing with the hard work of previous generations, the current Government is content with denying the dignity of the survivors as it refuses to honour parts of an agreement laid out in early 2013.

In exchange for promising not to sue the Government, the survivors of abuse in Magdalene laundries were to receive a lump sum compensation, pension contribution and have their medical care needs met but many of the women have yet to receive these terms.

“I think you’ll find ‘paring back’ is the wrong term, we’re quite content to honour the terms. It’s simple enough, download the pdf there from the site, fill it out, then put it back into Excel, print it off and post your form, but only from a post office on the Aran Islands,” a Government spokesperson told WWN, “and it must be on a Wednesday”.

“It’s not that we don’t care about these women – we do, the Taoiseach got upset in the Dáil when talking about them 24 months ago, but these elderly women just have to be a little more patient and accept these things take an unspecified amount of time,” added the spokesman.

Many of the women who are survivors of abuse are now well into their 70s, and with the government continuing its slow roll out of the full compensation, terms, they may never live to see the day the agreement is met in full.

“What’s another 2 years in fairness? Come on now,” concluded the Government spokesperson.

The call by Justice for Magdalene Research (JFMR), the Women’s Council of Ireland, the Irish Council for Civil Liberties and Amnesty International for justice for the survivors comes shortly after the JMFR revealed that over 1,600 women died in the Magdalene laundries. This is close to double the figures claimed in the inadequate McAleese report.