Miley Cyrus Uploads Shocking Fully-Clothed Picture To Instagram


TEARAWAY pop princess Miley Cyrus shocked her legions of young fans across the world, by uploading a picture of herself wearing clothes to her Instagram account.

The Wrecking Ball, singer, 22, sparked rumours that she may be suffering from mental problems after the picture of her fully-clothed went out to her 14.5m followers on the popular image sharing website.

The picture, which depicts the normally naked singer wearing actual clothes that fit her, trended on Twitter last night as fans launched a ‘PRAY4MILEY’ hashtag amid reports that the image may be a photoshopped fake uploaded by someone who had hacked Miley’s Instagram account.

“I’m having trouble believing it’s actually her, to be honest,” said 17-year-old fan Christine Polowski, who posts on Twitter under the username CockaDickted69.

“For starters, Miley is wearing clothes in the picture, which she never normally does. And she isn’t smoking a joint or fingering herself either. She also appears to be sober, and she isn’t grinding her vagina against the leg of another half naked woman… Something just doesn’t add up”.

Cyrus, who shot to fame as the squeaky clean Hannah Montana on the long-running Disney show of the same name, took to Twitter later last night to confirm that the picture was in fact genuine, and explained to her fans that she was just expressing herself as an artist.

“People need to let go of their perceptions of who I should be,” said Cyrus, while twerking furiously for no apparent reason.

“I’m a young, sexually-confident young woman who just wants to wear clothes every now and then. Some people just can’t handle that I’ve changed; that teenage girl who strutted around topless while simulating sex onstage with her backing dancers is gone”.

Cyrus went on to announce her upcoming tour, Fully Clothedzed, which will visit an alarming number of countries worldwide.