McGregor Veering Dangerously Close To Being Unbearable


AS Conor McGregor’s fight against Dennis Siver fast approaches, experts in the experimental field of likeability-ology have expressed a degree of worry about the wildly popular UFC fighter.

Dublin’s finest McGregor is set to continue his meteoric rise through the UFC ranks this Sunday night with a potential Croke Park fight on the cards if he wins, but this hasn’t stopped some people casting doubt over the charismatic fighter’s likeability.

“It is what’s referred to as the Begrudger’s Paradox,” explained leading likeability-ologist Dr. Kevin Hogan, “we have a very popular figure who has obviously conflicting traits such as being impossibly down to Earth and talented while simultaneously discussing putting people in the hospital with little criticism from the public”.

“Rightly, he is well respected and supported, but the Begrudger’s Paradox takes hold when even his most staunch supporters admit Nazi jibes at German opponents are hardly warranted… But he’s also great craic and herein lies the problem,” added Dr. Hogan.

While resources at the underfunded Centre of Likeability-ology means their research on the subject is limited to discussion at the local pub, it is predicted that McGregor could be one or two press conferences away from alienating some of his fans for being unbearably smug and grating.

“If he rips off some lad’s scrotum, I’ll cheer with the rest of them, but if he keeps on with the clothes and the swagger and talking, we could reach a tipping point,” confirmed Dr. Hogan’s colleague Seamus Ahern.

A number of McGregor fans have been quick to defend the fighter by responding to criticism with a brief statement reading ‘Fuck off’ a number of times.