Man Who Has Bombed 7 Predominantly Muslim Countries To Host Anti-Terror Summit


barack obama

FOLLOWING the tragic events in Paris last week, many world leaders have expressed their regret at the loss of innocent life and has even compelled one particular leader into action.

US President Barack Obama has taken the step to propose a summit on extremism and anti-terrorism, despite he himself giving orders in the past to bomb 7 countries which are largely inhabited by Muslims.

In an attempt to gain an insight into the mindset of an extremist, Obama, who has bombed Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and Libya, is set to play host to a variety of Western leaders in America while forgetting to mention this particular foreign policy.

“We simply can’t know what it is like for an individual or a collective group of people to be so dogmatic in their beliefs that they would so willingly kill innocent civilians”, said the President as White House aides refused to point out the number of civilian casualties in the countries previously bombed by the Democratic leader.

“Their language is always that of a bombastic zeal, as if they believe themselves elevated to a position of judge, jury and executioner,” added the Leader of the Free World and Commander in Chief.

The seven predominantly Muslim countries have all been bombed by the former Nobel Peace Prize winner, with civilians casualties occurring in every one of the seven nations.

“While we can’t hope to understand their irrational distrust and hate, we must try to understand where it comes from,” added the man who gives clearance to all drone strikes carried out by American forces.

“They will want to continue to curtail free speech, and that is not the American way at all,” Obama said while tugging nervously at his shirt collar, hoping no attending journalist had a Brief History of American Abuses Of Free Speech Volumes 1-10 in their possession.

Obama refused to answer any questions, instead choosing to welcome rapper Jay Z on stage to pose for a photo which would later appear on Instagram with a seriously cool filter on it.