New Reboot Ireland Party Members Build Desk-Fort In Inspirational Show Of Solidarity


“Great things can be achieved when people work as a team,” explained a slightly emotional Eddie Hobbs at the unveiling of a neatly constructed desk fort in Reboot Ireland headquarters in Dublin today.

The inspirational build comes just days after Former Fine Gael Minister Lucinda Creighton, Independent Offaly Councillor John Leahy and financial commentator Eddie Hobbs joined forces to create a brand new “hugely ambitious, bold and brave” political party which plans to ‘reboot’ Ireland.

“We’re not even been together a week and we’re already building desk forts like this,” boasted Ms. Creighton, while pointing at a section she helped build with her new found colleagues. “Look at the detail. Eddie made the windows and doors while it was my idea to put the fake trees at the front. Aren’t they so pretty?”

The Independent TD, who is seeking high-profile backing for the project ahead of its formal launch in two months, said it wasn’t all plain sailing, admitting to several heated exchanges during the fort’s construction.

“Just like any major project, we had our differences. John wanted to use brown packaging tape to seal the corners, while I wanted clear sellotape – as it looks better. We nearly called a halt to the whole thing only for Eddie’s negotiation skills,” she said. “We decided to go for both in the end, with the sellotape on the outside and the brown tape inside.”

Urging others candidates to get involved, the new nameless party said it wanted to harness the best minds in the country, and hoped to get over 100 volunteers, including actuaries, barristers and people working in the community sector.

“Imagine the kind of fort we could build with all these people involved?” posed Independent John Leahy. “We could probably build a castle fort even; made entirely from cardboard and brown tape. Sellotape is fine on smaller builds, but we’d definitely need brown tape for a castle fort. We can even have a moat around it with a drawbridge and everything.”

However, Ms. Creighton pointed out that the water in the moat could be an issue for a cardboard castle and that they may have to leave out the moat as a consequence.

“Look, these are just teething problems at the moment and are to be expected in a new political party,” added the rebel ex-minister. “John is a team player who just needs direction at times.”

All three members said they became involved in the new venture due to a growing disillusionment with Irish politics.