Kids Currently Playing With 0% Of Toys Santa Brought



A RECENT country-wide survey has found that after just two weeks, zero percent of children are still playing with the toys they received on Christmas morning.

The survey, which was conducted among all children of Santa-eligible age, found that most kids had put aside their Christmas gifts and have begun to badger their parents for newer, better toys.

Researchers have pointed towards the omnipresent adverts for new products which hit children’s TV on the 26th of December, offering all-new playthings in an effort to make kids forget the brand new toys they had received less than 24 hours beforehand.

“I was delighted when I came downstairs and saw all the toys Santy had brought,” said 7-year-old Conor Dooley, who received approximately 800 euro worth of presents on Christmas morning.

“But then the next day I was watching cartoons and saw ads for a whole load of new stuff, and I just started to really really want it, while forgetting about the mountains of stuff at my feet”.

The phenomenon has been exacerbated by the fact kids have returned to school this week, as playground discussions about what everybody got for Christmas has led to envy among kids, with many now realising that they may not have asked Santa for enough loot.

“I remember when I wrote my letter to Santy, I asked for everything I wanted,” said 6-year-old Ellie Meehan, whose favourite subject at school is colouring-in.

“But then when I was talking to my friend Sinead at school, she told me that she got twice as much as I did… so now I kinda fell like I got shafted a bit, and I want new stuff”.

In response to the new findings, cash-strapped parents across the country are set to shell out even more to keep up their kids happy, because saying “no” to a child is no longer socially acceptable.