Germans Marching Against Stereotyped Minority Probably Nothing To Worry About



THE world has confirmed that a large scale protest in Germany against an easily stereotyped minority is probably nothing to worry about and that no comparisons to any other period in Germany’s history should be made.

“Let’s just see how this shakes out for Christ’s sake, don’t get angry at a bit of peaceful protest,” pleaded historian Alison Dickinson.

Some 18,000 people turned out in Dresden to protest against Islam, the protest was spearheaded by a group calling itself Patriotic Europeans Against The Islamisation of the Occident (PEGIDA).

Despite Muslims making up just 6% of Germany’s population, PEGIDA’s neo-Nazi leanings have seen its marches take on a decidedly xenophobic tone, with support for the group growing slowly.

“Ah, this should be just fine, I can think of literally no other period in European history that had similarly inauspicious beginnings, it’ll be fine, honestly,” explained Professor of Contemporary European History at Berlin University Wilhelm Beckermann.

Islam, known to many as a religion which encourages people to gorge on a bounty of freshly born babies, is supposedly prone to being misrepresented in the media, but there is still little evidence of this occurring.

“Look, I think it would be a good idea to just leave PEGIDA to it, come back in a few years and see if, you know, there’s something to worry about,” Deiter Kruger, a leading opposition politician in Germany told WWN.

A poll carried out by Stern news weekly saw 30% of people polled say they believed Islam had to big an influence in German society and that PEGIDA marches were justified.

“History is there to be studied the night before an exam in order to scrape an easy B, it’s not there to be learned from,” added political commentator Simon Gruber.

The same Stern poll indicated 1 in 8 Germans would join an anti-Muslim march if one took place in their locality.

Religious experts in internet forums often use incidents of acts of terror carried out by people claiming to represent Islam as a way to label the entire religion in much the same way they don’t claim all Catholics are evil for the part they did not play in priests abusing children.

Angela Merkel has confirmed she will attend an upcoming PEGIDA march and stare disapprovingly while tutting at protestors in an effort to bring an end to these xenophobic marches.