Phrase ‘Coola Boola’ To Be Phased Out By 2018


LEADING linguists have warned today that the phrase ‘Coola Boola’ could be phased out of common Irish dialect by as early as 2018, forcing some users of the expression to rethink their answer to just about everything.

First coined by the late Ronnie Drew at a Dubliner’s gig in 1964, Coola Boola became one of the most iconic Irish phrases of the 20th century, quickly taking the top spot from ‘On the ball’ of the same year.

“It’s definitely a Dub thing,” said linguist expert Dr. Martin Cody of the Institute of Phrases in Trinity College. “But in saying that; it has been heard as far away as Donegal and even in some parts of Kerry – where they don’t even speak English.”

Coola Boola describes something that is great in the same manner as the use of the words cool and brilliant, and is synonymous with aging dads trying to be cool with their children.

“My dad says it all the time when my friends come over,” said teenager James Price. “He’s so lame. I wish he was dead or something”.

Due to an ever changing pop-culture and ongoing additions to the English language, the phrase is slowly dying out across the country.

“Fran in the crime drama Love/Hate reintroduced the phrase to a younger audience with some degree of success, but it quickly faded out again soon after,” explained Dr. Cody. “We have found that the word ‘awesome’ has taken the number one spot. We are seeing a lot more of Americanisms creeping into Ireland thanks to television programs and the likes”.

Coola Boola is expected to join the out-dated list of phrases like ‘swell’, ‘holy moley’, ‘japers’ and ‘superly duperly’ in the latter part of 2018.