JobBridge Intern Can’t Get Day Off For Mother’s Funeral



JOBBRIDGE intern Kevin Murray is finding it incredibly difficult to get the day off for his late mother’s funeral.

Such is the rapid fire pace of a 21st century newsroom, it can often be hard to get a moment to yourself as Kevin found out himself last week as his mother passed away tragically.

In an email addressed to Trev, editor of WWN Paddy Browne carefully explained that ‘it would be quite impossible to grant you leave on such short notice. Had you known you had a funeral to attend, you really should have given more notice. Frankly, it’s unprofessional’.

The email ended with a fresh list of cleaning duties for Kevin, which included picking up Mr. Browne’s toe nail clippings as he continues on his path of getting to grips with the finer details of what it is like to be a journalist.

Gardaí confirmed to Kevin that his mother was knocked down by a Mini Countryman, similar to the one belonging to WWN’s entertainment correspondent Terry Bull which Kevin regularly washes.

Kevin’s shift was then extended by 6 hours for tomorrow, the same day as his mother’s funeral, in an effort help Kevin learns the importance of dedication to one’s profession.

It is believed Kevin will be graciously allowed to hold his mother’s wake in WWN towers this evening as he covers security’s night shift this evening.