No One Objecting To ‘Vikings’ TV Series Filmed In Ireland Depicting Murder, Rape And Violence


FOLLOWING significant outcry from some sections of the public regarding Channel 4’s decision to produce a comedy centred around the Irish famine, the public has also taken the time to show complete indifference to the ‘Vikings’ which is filmed in Ireland.

Many media outlets have already reported on Irish people’s outrage at a comedy, which will only show the British people waving food in front of starving Irish children before kicking them multiple times, while simultaneously making a fart noise. However, at this point all storylines remain unconfirmed.

“It’s unconscionable that people would make fun of such a dark period of Irish history,” confirmed Eileen Callinan whose knowledge of The Famine is currently made up of half-remembered things she was taught in 5th class 27 years ago.

Such is the long shadow cast by the Famine on the Irish psyche many angry responses from the Irish public were only made after a quick reread of all things Famine on Wikipedia.

Now in its third series, the Vikings centres its drama around the eponymous Scandinavian conquerors, entirely for the purposes of entertaining the TV-viewing public, who were known to rape women and murder countless innocent victims.

Ireland was the location for such incidents as far back as the 8th century and although much of the series is filmed in Wicklow little criticism has been leveled at the show and its connection to an unsettling period of our history.

“Yeah, but that’s different,” confirmed John Dunne, a great great great great great great great great great great great great grandson of a woman who was murdered by the Vikings, “they’re not making jokes, they’re just showing deadly fight scenes with heads being chopped off and like, loads of boobies and that. It’s fucking class”.

With confirmation that an American-funded TV production about Norse invaders filmed in Ireland can’t be found in any an untrue, offensive or biased reading of a fraught and sorrowful period in history, attention has turned back yet again to Channel 4’s controversial new comedy.

“I hear they’re going to take the piss out of dying people,” confirmed Daily Mail journalist David Gormley-Flynn, who has actually heard nothing of the sort.

TV production companies worldwide has confirmed that in an effort to stop future offence in the event of comedy being used in tandem with troubling subjects no TV or film will be given the green light unless everyone in the country is absolutely okay with it.

As a peace offering many film and TV companies have retroactively banned previously controversial works such as Schindler’s List as the idea of grown men and women dressing up as Holocaust victims and Nazi officers in order to earn money for a commercial entity is ‘disgusting’.